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“The Quest Giver“ is a 2D Fantasy guild manager simulation, where you create your own quests and then send adventurers out to complete them. The fun comic art style supports the game’s humorous and parodistic atmosphere.


The Quest Giver


The Quest Giver is all about quest giving; a game that wants to show how much effort it is to create and assign quests, and what (presumably) happens in the life of a guild owner which commonly gets overshadowed by the fame and glory of the heroes whose names will be remembered forever. We thought it was time to let you see things from the perspective of the forgotten: The man (or woman) who made all the tales of great adventure possible in the first place! Of course, you won’t be just standing around waiting for adventurers to arrive. You will be managing your own adventurer’s guild as the quest giver in this guild management simulation.

“We feel today’s game’s guide players too much, to a point where they’ve begun to limit the decisions the player makes in order to assist them. In The Quest Giver, we want to give players the chance to actually create a quest, to show much effort goes into them, and we wanted to do it in such a way that we didn’t have to help them too much. With our approach to the game, the player will have to learn, to think, and decide what options they wish to choose from at their own accord. For our game, we decided to not include pre-built choices, no prohibitions, or automated processes. In addition, we provide players with all the necessary tools they would need in order to be a real quest giver. But how they utilize those tools, is truly up to the player, and ultimately requires them to decide on how they wish to use them.” Lead Developer, Daniel Szodruch



The gameplay works much like a point and click game. You click on objects to interact with them or to switch scenes. That way you manage your guild, design your own quests, gather intel on monsters and regions, and pick suitable adventurers out of those who applied. Create your own quests, then hang them on your questboard, recruit suitable adventurers and heroes to successfully complete the quest. Choose fitting rewards and become the best adventurers guild of them all.



Core Features

  • Innovative gameplay
  • Randomized world map, heroes, shop items and more
  • 3 different storyline • 25+ different adventurer classes
  • Detailed fantasy world with a lot of lore
  • Charming art style
  • A humorous and parodistic take on the fantasy genre
  • High replayability


Platforms and languages

Next to a PC, Mac and Linux version, “The Quest Giver“ will also be launched on Android and iOS systems.

Currently, our supported languages will be German, English, and French. Additional languages are planned.


Release Date: Q2 2018


Access Images & Gif’s on our Dropbox Folder here:

Live on Kickstarter as of Nov 2, 2017:



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About rest.less Games

We are a small development team from Hamburg, Germany currently trying to set foot in the big world of game making. We have worked in different game companies for several years until we have decided to create our own games. The name “rest.less Games” is actually just short for “restrictionless”. We chose it because we don’t want to settle on a certain genre, try to see things from a different perspective and maybe sometimes break with traditions. In October 2015 we published our first game Wait -Extended on Steam. “The Quest Giver” is our second commercial title set to launch on Steam tentatively Q2 2018 and is developed in Unity.


Studio Contact Info:

Email:  @thinkrestless 

rest.less Games (Szodruch Jensen GbR), Culinstrasse 23a, 22111 Hamburg, Germany. Management: Daniel Szodruch, Siegfried Jensen.


Press Contact:

Racheal A. Mack, PR Manager

GOPublix Game Media Relations