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What is The Quest Giver


The Quest Giver is all about quest giving; a game that wants to show how much effort it is to create and assign quests, and what (presumably) happens in the life of a guild owner which commonly gets overshadowed by the fame and glory of the heroes whose names will be remembered forever. We thought it was time to let you see things from the perspective of the forgotten: The man (or woman) who made all the tales of great adventure possible in the first place! Of course, you won’t be just standing around waiting for adventurers to arrive. You will be managing your own adventurer’s guild as the quest giver in this guild management simulation.



Your Guild Hall


The quest creation menu



You have once been an adventurer yourself and went to fight your arch nemesis, but failed miserably. Now a long time has passed, during which you had to recover from your injuries. You’re too old and to beaten to fight again, but you know that this great evil is still out there. Something has to be done. If you can’t do it, someone else has to. And it’s up to you to make sure someone else does!

So you decided to found an adventurers guild, where skilled adventurers could assemble to eventually defeat the great evil. Having no money, you proposed your undertaking to the city of Rhonia and they agreed to fund your project and gave you a small, run-down house to start you very own guild hall. Here you will start your career as a guild master and most of all: a quest giver.


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